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Androgynous In the Simposium Plato talks about the Androgynous, a being that is composed by two bodies, male and female, that is stronger than any God. Separated in two, male and female, by the envy of the gods, the androgynous was not a menace anymore. INS(H)IDE This video comes from a performative research of the inner self. We carry inside different feelings and different personalities that are often in contrast with each other. With a symbolic performance I created, visually, this inner struggle that each one of us try to hide from the external world. When it comes to playing slots for real money a land-based casino cannot compete with the potential payouts of the online slots machines. If you are looking for a site that has plenty of online slot games on offer and a casino site that will give your real money comps which you can instantly redeem for playing credits then we think this is going to be the ideal casino site for you, so do give them a try! You will soon find that when playing slot games online you are going to get lots of additional benefits flowing you way than you ever would do if you instead chose to play slot games for real money in a land based casino site! Anti-Thesis This work is about the duality of the artist. There is the everyday man in a continuous fight with the inner self. Sometimes one part takes over the other, expressing hidden emotions and states of the soul. Anti-thesis is indeed the vision of both parts.